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Tree Fruit IPM
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Trade Name: Cuprofix Ultra 40 Disperss

Basic Information

Common Name: Copper
Pesticide Type: Fungicide
EPA Registration Number: 4581-413-82695

Chemical Information

Chemical Class: inorganic
Amount Per Acre: 5-7.5 lbs
Amount Per 100: 1.7-2.5 lbs
REI: 12 Hours
PHI: (Refer to the Label) Days
Restricted Use: § Potentially acceptable in certified organic programs



Fixed Copper is a term that refers to several relatively insoluble forms of copper that are safer for fruit crops than basic copper sulfate and more convenient to use than Bordeaux mixture. The fixed copper compounds are sold under many trade names but fall into 4 basic types: copper oxychloride and copper sulfate (e.g., C-O-C-S WDG); copper hydroxide (e.g., Kocide 2000, Champ Formula 2); complexed forms of basic copper sulfate (e.g., Cuprofix Disperss), and copper salts of fatty and rosin acids (e.g., Tenn-Cop). Dust preparations (e.g., C-O-C-S Copodust) are also available. All copper fungicides work by releasing free copper ions, so activity (and potential phytotoxicity) is usually related to the amount of actual metallic copper that is applied to the crop.


FRAC (Fungicide Resistance Action Committees): M1
Toxicity To Bees: NA
Fungicide Type: Organic, Protectant

For Use on Apples

Fire BlightDiseasesHigh
Apple ScabDiseasesModerate

Growth Stages
NameCan Be Used on Growth StageRemarks
Silver Tip  
Green Tip  
Half-Inch Green  
Tight Cluster  
Petal Fall  
Additional Summer Sprays  
Control of Storage Disorders  

Please note that if a number appears under the field “Can Be Used on Growth Stage” it is indicating that it can be used during this growth stage. The number appearing here is a bug and we intend on fixing it sorry for any inconvenience.

Amblyseius fallacis-
Aphidoletes aphidimyza-
Typhlodromus pyri-
Stethorus punctum-
L - Low Toxicity
M - Moderate Toxicity
H - Highly Toxicity